2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



This year, the Sea Sweepers took on the challenge of entering a new division. The division required much more time, teamwork, and dedication. The team ended up "sweeping" the competition and took home the awards for...

~Best Poster Display

~Best Engineering

~Best Mission Time


The large base caused the robot to stay upright due to the majority of the weight on the bottom, and a great space for buoyancy tanks are located at the top. We built the tanks out of ABS plastic tubing, resulting in a neutrally buoyant vehicle that can maneuver through a pool with ease.

A single car back-up camera was mounted on the central mounting beam. This camera sends a perfectly centered point of view angle from the vehicle's position to the surface. The image can be clearly seen on the monitor mounted on the control box.

The Triggerfish is what we made to compete in MATE's Navigator class. This vehicle design included four motors. Two were facing back horizontally, while the other two were pointed down and outward at a vectored angle. This unique motor configuration enabled the vehicle to not only maneuver in the normal 3 axis, but also to crab left and right.

Each of the four motors were each controlled by a single K166 circuit board. Each board was assembled by hand, and mounted in our control box. Two joysticks were inserted on the exterior of the box, and are each wired to two of the K166s. Basically, moving the joysticks sends information to the circuit boards, which cause each motor to spin forwards or backwards, causing the vehicle to move in the desired direction.

Triggerfish Mark I