2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



Bug 2.0, the lighting system on the Bug 3.0 was a 6-inch LED light bar placed on the front of the vehicle.

modified to be slightly smaller. In contrast to the 

The Bug 3.0 also featured a removable servo claw. The servo claw on the Bug 2.0 was hard wired into the frame. However, using the waterproof connectors, the claw was able to be detached in order to replace it with other attachments if needed. 

The Sea Sweepers used this vehicle in the 2015 MATE international competition in Newfoundland. It performed tasks such as pumping water through pipelines, measuring voltage on a wellhead, picking up algae samples, and more. They found the current design to be most effective to do these tasks.

The Sea Sweepers made a decision at the end of the 2015 Regional competition that they should revamp and recreate the Bug 2.0 vehicle. While it served them well and got them first place, they felt that there were many improvements that could be made in order to give them a better chance at success in the international competition.

This new and improved Bug 3.0 could do everything that the Bug 2.0 could. It was also 

The bug 3.0