2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



can have an electromagnet, bilge pump, and voltage probes all run on the same switch through the tether. This led to the vehicle being more compact and able to do anything we design an attachment for.

One of the highlights and innovations of this vehicle was the ability to have detachable attachments. By using waterproof connectors and multi-purpose auxiliary switches, our vehicle 

The Bug 2.0 cost us around $3000 to build. This includes the cost of everything on the vehicle as well as the tether and the control system. 

The Bug 2.0 was the vehicle created for our first year in the Ranger class. Equipped with a servo claw, detachable attachments, and four cameras, this vehicle is capable of many more tasks than in previous years. This vehicle could pump water through pipelines, collect algae samples, measure voltage underwater, and a whole lot more.

After competing in the regional competition, the Sea Sweepers decided to take apart the Bug 2.0 and rebuild and modify many of its feautres, which led to the building of the Bug 3.0.

The Bug 2.0