2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



Our fourth and final year of Scout turned out to be a tremendous success. We won first place in the design category in the competition, and second place in the mission completion category. Overall, we achieved the title of "Overall Champion".

Our control box for our fourth year included four switches. The controls were unique, because the bottom two switches were "sticky". This means that they stayed in the "on" position when pressed, until pushed back into position. This enables us to control the vehicle much easier, by not making us push on all four of the switches simultaneously.

To complete the mission tasks, we mounted two main attachments to the front of our ROV. These attachments allow the robot to complete all of the tasks in the regional competition.

For our fourth and final year competing in the Scout class, we stepped up our game. Our team now consisted of four boys, and we were determined to win first place.

We kept the simple PVC frame, but made some dramatic changes. We mounted two vertical motors from horizontal PVC beams on the top of the vehicle. The two horizontal motors were mounted on vertical beams on the bottom sides of the robot. Having two vertical thrusters enabled the vehicle to move up and down very quickly with ease.

Year 4