2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



During our second year in the Scout division, we won first and third place in the two individual missions.

The entire bottom half of our vehicle was lined in chicken wire, which enabled the robot to scoop up a large amount of cargo from the pool floor. Additionally, a pair of marshmallow skewers where zip-tied to the chicken wire, allowing it to grab and hold on to even more cargo.

To keep our vehicle neutrally buoyant, we attached foam to the top of the PVC frame. Foam is great because it is cheap, and is extremely easy to add or remove to the vehicle. Unfortunately, it only holds up for 3-4 feet underwater, before the pressure is too high and makes the foam ineffective.

For our second year of competing in the MATE competition, our team consisted of three boys in 6th grade. We now had some experience due to the previous year, but still needed much more focus.

Our vehicle was essentially the same as the ROV we made our first year. It consisted of a PVC frame and a central mounting box. This mounting box was where we mounted all three of our bilge pump motors.

Year 2