2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place



During the Sea Sweepers first year together, the team won 1st and 3rd place in the underwater missions out of 52 scout teams. There were two separate missions that took place in shallow water, and deeper water. After doing so well in this competition, the Sea Sweepers decided to stick with it, and try to improve even more the next year. 

That year, our vehicle was nothing more than a PVC box with three motors and some prongs sticking out the front. It was controlled using just three double pole-double throw switches. There was one CAT5e cable that ran down to the ROV that carried the electrical current to the motors. 

In 2010, John's dad, Kurt, found out about a local underwater robotics competition. He thought it would be a neat experience for some friends to get together and create something. He got four boys together that had interest in science, and because we were all part of the same cub scout troop, we were able to be sponsored by them. This year, the team learned invaluable lessons on teamwork and engineering skills.

Year 1