serviceability. BRUCE also features eight motors - four vertical and four vectored horizontal motors. BRUCE also has an onboard computer system with two Arduinos and many other sensors and motor drivers onboard the vehicle.

Our custom control box displays camera signals from four cameras on the vehicle on one monitor. The other monitor displays important telemetry data, such as depth, temperature, water leaks, and more to the pilot and copilot with ease through a custom 

BRUCE was the vehicle the Sea Sweepers used at Houston for MATE's 2016 International Competition. Due to its sleek and unique design, BRUCE earned the Sea Sweepers first place in the product presentation category. The team also earned second place overall in the competition, and this was entirely due to the completely redesigned vehicle. The Sea Sweepers are very proud of BRUCE and are glad they were met with success with the design and accessibility of the vehicle.

programmed GUI. BRUCE's motor control system is also unique with how the Sea Sweepers mounted the joysticks in the control box. With an intuitive 3 joystick design, the pilot can maneuver the vehicle effectively on 5 axes of movement and complete any task needed.

For the 2016 season, the Sea Sweepers designed the most technologically advanced robot they had ever built. Made up of a mostly High Density Polyethylene frame, BRUCE can accomplish any task thrown at it. After winning their regional competition in Monterey in 2015, the team decided to move from a PVC frame to a 3D designed frame in 2016. This was a huge departure and a big leap for the club as a whole. BRUCE is entirely custom-designed by the Sea Sweepers' engineers and custom-programmed by our software engineers. Everything about it is 100% unique. The Sea Sweepers used this vehicle in the 2016 Monterey Bay Regional MATE competition and won with it.

This vehicle also features a removable tether from both ends, which is a huge step up from previous Sea Sweeper ROVs. This allows for easy transport and ease of


2017 MATE ROV International

Explorer class 2nd Place