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Our club, the Highway 68 ROV Club, has been together for eight years now. The Sea Sweepers team started in 2010 with four boys in the fifth grade. Two boys have been participating since that first year: JP O’Dell, and John Yeager. We have been extremely successful in our past competitions, and have had tons of exciting experiences building our vehicles. While having fun making ROVs, we have learned the concept of teamwork, and how crucial it is to be working

together. This has enabled us to work together and to help each other out in completing tasks, or to split up the work and get it done as efficiently as possible.

For the first four years, we competed in the Scout Class, where we repeatedly ranked in the top three. Two years ago, we participated in the debut year for navigator class. We dominated and earned first place in all categories of the division, and decided to move up again to the ranger class last year, where we were overall champions in our Monterey Bay Regional. We advanced to internationals in Newfoundland, Canada that year. For the 2016 season, we went into the competition with high hopes and again won the Monterey Bay Regional. Due to this victory, our team moved onto internationals in Houston and placed second overall. This was a huge leap for us and we are excited with our results.

After our success in the Ranger class for two years, the Sea Sweepers agreed unanimously to move up to the Explorer class of the MATE competition. We are proud to announce that we will be competing at the 2017 MATE ROV international competition in Long Beach, California, with our new and improved vehicle, BRIAN. 

Sea Sweepers ROVTogether for Eight years